Wetland Delineation and the Growing Season

A common question among builders, land planners, and other land professionals is whether or not we can perform a wetland delineation outside the growing season. The awesome ecological staff here at GRWA believes that, without snow and frozen ground, we can provide solid information regarding wetland size and location any time of the year for site planning purposes.

Often we can obtain a jurisdictional determination from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) with wetland work done while plants are dormant. On the other hand, the determination of wetland quality which drives regulatory buffers and mitigation ratios, often must be conducted during the growing season.

Here in the Midwest, the growing season is typically defined as the portion of the year when soil temperatures are above 41°F and can support biological activity. The growth of plants are observed and leaves are on the trees. Although this concept does not provide an exact time frame, various regulatory agencies have provided their own dates where wetland quality can “officially” be determined.

The growing season coincides with construction season and both are right around the corner. You don’t need to wait to find out where your wetlands can be an asset to your project providing spectacular views from premium lots.

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